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Grido v1.1.8 Themify.me Wordpress Theme

Grido v1.1.8 Themify.me WordPress Theme

Grido is a new Tumblr-like theme to join the responsive theme family (Tisa, Suco, Elemin, Funki, Minblr, Wumblr, and iTheme2). It is colorful, trendy, and stylish. The theme comes with 9 gradient backgrounds for you to style the post individually. You can choose a color scheme to reflect the mood of the post or select a different color for each post to make your blog look like a wall of sticky notes. The posts are automatically stacked on top of each other and automatically loaded when you hit to the bottom of the page. View the demo and resize the browser window to see how the posts re-stacked.

Demo: http://themify.me/demo/#theme=grido

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